Susan Cheney, Leading Suffragette

Biographical Database of NAWSA Suffragists, 1890-1920

Biography of Susan J. Cheney, 1827-1914

By Eleanor Raab, student, Wesleyan University, Middletown, Connecticut

During her lifetime, Mrs. Cheney was very active in Connecticut suffrage organizations, and often associated with famous women in the suffrage movement. There are records of her interactions with, and financial donations to, Susan B. Anthony from as early as 1870. She was involved in the founding of the Connecticut Woman Suffrage Association (CWSA), the first pro-suffrage organization in the state, and was among the signers of a petition that called for the first meeting of the organization in October 1869. Mrs. Cheney was elected to the first iteration of the CWSA’s executive committee during that meeting. There are records of her re-election to the executive committee in both 1877 and 1884. She remained a member of the CWSA until at least 1911. Moreover, she donated money to the National American Woman Suffrage Association (NAWSA) in 1893, in addition to being listed as a member of the Connecticut branch of the organization. see more….


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