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The Cheney Cemetery in Manchester, Connecticut, is owned by the Cheney Cemetery Association, incorporated in 1914 for descendants of George and Electa Woodbridge Cheney. Their sons established Cheney Brothers, a silk manufacturing business, which flourished in Manchester from its founding in 1838 until the 1950s.

The Cemetery Association maintains the Cheney Family burial grounds, sponsors genealogical and family history studies and furthers the family’s philanthropic interests in Manchester and Hartford. A one-time membership fee of $30 entitles the member to burial rights in a plot registered in the Association books. The Bylaws explain membership in detail.

Bylaws of the Cheney Cemetery Association

CCA membership application

Cheney Cemetery Plat Map – 2016

Minutes & Reports

2023 CCA Annual Members Meeting Minutes

2023 CCA Annual Directors Meeting Minutes

2022 Annual Directors Meeting Minutes

2022 CCA Annual Members Meeting Minutes

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2020 Annual Members Meeting Minutes


Cheney Memorials on

Cheney Burials by Date (town report 2021)

Cheney Burials by Lot (town report 2021)

Cheney Lot Owners (town report 2021)


Family genealogist Edward Little completed the 4th edition of the Cheney Family Tree in 2002, which includes 14 generations and some 1500 names. The manually produced tree was digitized and now resides on Ancestry. Access by establishing a free account on Ancestry. Contact us at to add to the tree. The source material for the tree is at the Connecticut Historical Society in Hartford.

To view the Cheney tree, visit this link:

Cheney Genealogy A to Z