Funeral, Memorial & Burial Information

Location and Plan of Cemetery

The Cheney Cemetery is a part of the East Cemetery in Manchester. To reach it, proceed east on East Center Street from the intersection of Main and Center Streets for about a half mile and turn right on Harrison Street. The cemetery entrance is on the left. The Cheney area is in the northeast corner, surrounded by tall hemlocks. Follow the driveway to that area, and walk the last few yards. GPS—use Manchester East Cemetery for directions.

A detailed engineering survey of the Cheney Cemetery was updated in 2016 for the 100th anniversary of the Cheney Cemetery Association, showing the family locations of all the lots and gravesites.

Manchester Cemetery Office

The Town of Manchester Cemetery Office maintains accurate records of the family lots and grave sites. A brochure providing interment information and requirements is available on their website. Arrangements for an interment are made through John Gorman or Laura Waller in the Manchester Cemetery Office. Office Hours: 7:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. Phone: 860-647-3081

Arranging for Interment

Any member, or spouse of a member, holding burial rights may be buried in the Cheney Cemetery. Each person requesting burial rights in the cemetery shall apply to the President or Secretary. The Board of Directors rules on the application by a majority vote. If approved, the Secretary picks the plot or plots assigned. The Cheney Cemetery Association Board of Directors has full authority to resolve any issues as to CCA membership and the rights of members. A burial and transit permit issued by the State of Connecticut is required. This is most easily obtained by the decedent’s funeral director, whether in or out of state.

Funeral Home

If services of a local funeral director are required, Holmes-Watkins Funeral Home has served the family well for many years. It is located at 400 Main Street, Manchester; phone (860) 643-2441. Open 24 hours.

Green Burial

The Cheney Cemetery will be offering natural burial to members of the family who wish this alternative to traditional burials. The practice of burying bodies without toxic embalming, encasing in metal or wood caskets, or cement or plastic outer vaults has been in practice only for the last century. Efforts to return to more ancient, eco-friendly ways are gaining momentum across the country. We are assisted in our planning by New Hampshire Funeral and Resources. For information, please contact Carol Cheney

Cheney Cemetery Association

Carol Cheney, president of the Cheney Cemetery Association, is happy to help relatives locate their lots, explain rights of succession to ownership, arrange for graveside services and gain access to the Cheney Homestead for family gatherings., or 203-494-1002.


A reputable local monument firm performing handcarving is Beij, Williams and Zito, 555 Asylum Ave #104, Hartford, CT 06105; phone (860) 525-4400 or (800) 214-4736. They are familiar with the cemetery. Ask for John Zito.


Members sometimes inquire about how to handle plantings in the cemetery. Any new or altered plantings should be coordinated through the CCA Grounds Committee. The current chairman is R.O. “Rick” Cheney IV.